J-Stem Foundation

Civil Engineering students experimented with a range of building materials, examining their stability and suitability for construction uses, and ended the session at the beach by Northwestern, digging down to the water table to measure the rate and direction of subterranean water flow.


In March, 2016, J-STEM completed the first session of Sunday classes at Northwestern's Center for Talent Development, and it has surpassed all expectations.  Over the past year and half, Sunday classes have been offered  every session, and J-STEM has helped subsidize the tuition for Jewish day school students from across the Chicago area.

Jewish leagues will soon be participating in Science and Math Olympiads, Math Counts, First Robotics, and American Math Competition
Innovation Labs

Robotics, DNA/Life Science, and Computer Science labs in development

Gifted and Enrichment Programs


The Biotechnology students experimented with computer-based cloning modules, and the students ended the session building working models of human heart valves.