J-Stem Foundation

Jewish leagues participating in Science and Math Olympiads, Math Counts, First Robotics, and American Math Competition

Innovation Labs

Benefits:  Building Tomorrow's Jewish Community

About J-STEM Foundation


Robotics, DNA/Life Science, and Computer Science labs (in development)

J-Stem Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that future generations of Jewish people continue to be at the forefront of scientific innovation and human achievement by engaging, inspiring and educating Jewish youth with cutting-edge competitions, labs and programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and beyond.

J-STEM pursues individual and community-wide benefits for Jewish youth:

  • Providing equal opportunity for Sabbath-observant students by offering Sunday​ programs previously offered only on Saturdays.

  • Appealing to Pre-K families considering day school by offering exemplary extracurricular programs for day school students, and hosting K-8 programs at Jewish high schools to encourage familiarity and continuity.

  • Providing financial stipends to lower the financial burden of extracurricular programs.

  • Encouraging interaction and collaboration between students at multiple Jewish schools in order to share knowledge and and break down social, intellectual and geographic barriers.

  • Coordinating efforts and resources available to multiple day schools in order to capitalize on economies of scale, keeping to a minimum any resources and staff commitment from schools.

Mission:  Tech and Torah Together